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     This is perhaps 'the most special time of all in Yosemite. The crowds are gone end the visitor feels part of the Yosemite family, both human and wild. Park rangers have ample time to pause and answer that question you've always wanted to ask. Coyotes stroll down the middle of the road, checking out the chances for dinner. You may see e mother coyote frolicking in the snow with her little ones. Ice falling from the waterfalls echoes through Yosemite Valley, Mother Nature's version of cannon fire. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Skate outdoors near Half Dome at one of the most unusual skating rinks in the world, while a campfire roars a few feet away.

  • Ski at Badger Pass, the West's oldest ski resort, famed for its low costs and friendliness to families.

  • Relax with a good book and a warm drink in a soft chair in the Great Room at the world-famous Ahwahnee Hotel, as the snow drifts down just outside the window.

  • Put on a pair of easy-to-use snowshoes and go for a hike with a ranger who will show you the lively world of wildlife all around you even in the heart of winter.

  • Send your children off on a supervised Saturday activities (including dinner), giving the adults a break.

  • Just go for a winter drive through the park on quiet roads, stopping whenever you see something of interest.
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