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     As the summer crowds fade to just an echo, nature's seasonal changes begin in spectacular fashion as the trees change color. For the photographer, Yosemite is at full grandeur. Days still are warm, but there is bracing chill in the air. You can still can drive through the high country at the peak of its love1iness. The wildlife still is around, hiking is a special treat, and there are an endless variety of special gifts enticing Christmas shoppers. And there is no better place to spending the Thanksgiving holiday. You'll enjoy these options:

  • Fall is possibly the best time of year to bicycle around the park.

  • Browse through the museum honoring and explaining the lives of Yosemite's first residents, the American Indians. Then walk short distance to the fascinating Indian Village, which is still used for spiritual activities by modern-day Indians.

  • Attend a lecture and learn how the worrisome mix between Yosemite's human visitors end its bear residents has eased, thanks to creative measures and public response to the bears' welfare.

  • Camp in one of Yosemite's many campgrounds, getting up close and personal with the great outdoors. And it's a marvelous way to meet nature-loving" folk from around the world.

  • Check out the very special tours offered by the experts at Yosemite Guides, whose office is at Yosemite View lodge in El Portal on the perk boundary. No one knows Yosemite better.

  • Just stand or sit at the side of the road below El' Capitan and watch as the mountain climbers above you scale the sheer wall on their way up. Bring binoculars, and a sense of wonder.
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